Munizioni per la caccia


Founders’ personal experience both as loader of cartridges and as hunters, is the starting point of manufacturing activity of MIMETIC munizioni.

Project of each MIMETIC cartridge starts selecting best components available, and goes on testing the cartridges directly on hunting grounds, in each possible climate condition.

Through advice and criticism of hunters and gunsmiths, we realize cartridges that satisfy real hunters’ requirements.

In High Performance line the special plastic wad, with cork base, holds inside almost all the column of lead shot, so as prevent deformation in the passage along the gun barrel. In this way lead shot produce more compact patterns with larger energy left. Moreover the cork base, where necessary, reduces reached pressure in order to have very fast cartridges.

For hunters that prefer larger patterns, there is Traditional line, Expander line, with vegetable felt wad. The perfect seal of gas is ensured by a couvettes positioned on the powder.

Environmental safeguard leads MIMETIC to produce also no-toxic cartridges, HP Steel, made with steel shot.

Most of our cartridges have a circle crimp closure with breakable plastic disc for a shot pattern well distributed.

The slow and always contolled loading, keeps MIMETIC cartridges at very high and constant quality: essential for a perfect hunting day!